ForwardLane for Wealth Management

Transform your client relationships, your business, and your bottom line with unmatched insights, streamlining, and Next Best Actions with our AI-driven data analytics platform.

Harness the power of AI to activate all of your custodial and CRM data

Prioritize client interactions based on signals such as life stage, available investable funds, market trends, news, and more

Offer customized, data-driven insights and next-best-actions that reach the right clients at the right time for the right reasons to build assets under management

Identify opportunities, cross-sell options, and upsell prospects to fuel revenue and expand business

Proactively address client needs, detect at-risk patterns in client behavior, and cultivate loyal clients who refer new prospects

Prepare for meetings more quickly and easily with data consolidation, data analysis, insights and next-best-actions.

How ForwardLane supports key Wealth Management roles

  • RIAs gain a competitive edge by providing personalized insights for every client, every day

  • Grow client assets with recommended Next Best Actions

  • Easily prioritize the most important clients to engage with first

  • Streamlined workflow through contextual insights

  • Increased productivity due to consolidated platforms and sources

  • Present complex data to clients in a way that resonates with data stories

  • Broker-Dealers can increase commissions and overall holdings with insights and recommendations tailored to clients and their goals 

  • Improve advisor/firm relationships through improved performance and results

  • Automate analysis using ForwardLane’s AI to surface important insights and save hours

  • Simplify reporting with the freedom to filter data by category

  • Receive automated signals based on team performance and coaching opportunities

  • Analytics engineers, citizen data scientists, and data scientists can leapfrog time-consuming elements of prep, exploration, analysis and modeling

  • Free up time to tackle more difficult problems

  • Cut time to deliver models

  • Simplify access to data from across the organization

  • Create insights and signals with no code interface