Data-driven Distributon for Asset Managers

The world has gone digital. Accelerate your digital acquisition game today. Activate your data with our enterprise-grade AI-powered platform.

Gather Assets with Automated Insights

Accelerate digital engagement. Be relevant, ultra-personal and productive. Our Industry-specific insight platform reads, sorts and organizes unstructured data sources including  CRM notes, as well as structured data including transactions, data packs, product information and your content to surface insights from sales, marketing and data science teams.

Supercharge Sales Productivity

Empower your sales and advisory organization with ForwardLane. Moving to an insight-based organization ensures you are always relevant, precisely focused and highly productive thanks to AI-based automation and analysis.

Distribution Solutions

Light up
Intermediary Sales

In this new digital world, advisors want personalized, value-added engagement. Yet combing through their data to find insights is a massive time suck for consultants.

ForwardLane's AI-powered platform automates this analysis for every advisor, in every territory every day. Searching CRM notes for product, strategy, sentiment. Combining this with time-series analysis of buying behavior to identify sales engagement opportunities. Bringing together marketing campaigns in a streamlined, consolidated way. Analyzing data packs to uncover flow-based insights and competitive opportunities. There is no limit to the insights you can create and automate.

Sales intelligence that upgrades engagement, is specific, personalized and connected. Right in your CRM.

Activate Your Direct to Client Channel

Individual investors want high-quality, personalized insight when they are deciding which funds to buy.
Make their engagement meaningful, relevant and on point.

Empower your hybrid, inbound and outbound teams with client signals gleaned from past interactions, transaction patterns, website visits, product discussions, marketing campaigns and much more.

Gather data from across their digital engagement with your brand so that each call is on point.

Data-Driven Results

"Many firms are saddling their teams with the burden of manually processing data. On average preparing for client engagements and interactions takes 13 minutes.

With ForwardLane, we cut that down to just 2 minutes with 6.5X faster data analysis."

Expand sales from priority clients by up to


Free up existing sales capacity by up to


Improve sales productivity with precision targeting by up to


Use Cases

Increase Sales Productivity

Client signals and next best actions aids in prioritization. Users get daily insights summarized, and managers get transparency into team performance.

Relevant, Personalized Product Insights

Be relevant and add value consistently. Your thought leadership, product updates and content personalized for clients and auto-matched to their data.

Drive Sales Efficiency gains with Automation

Super-powered data analysis, sorting and organization to save time in finding insights, sharing with clients and capturing to CRM.

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