ForwardLane for Asset Management

Unlock the full potential of your data like never before to improve decision-making, increase client engagement, boost revenue, and drive retention.

Extract real-time insights from your data packs to improve your customers’ experiences, as well as your team’s

Use insights to capitalize on opportunities that increase sales distribution and retention of your funds

Prioritize client interactions based on signals such as available investable funds, money movement trends, market movement for top fund positions, and more

Act on client needs–before they know they have them–with personalized communications, advice, and next-best-action plans based on what’s important to advisors–and your business

Improve decision-making and insights across your organization

How ForwardLane supports key Asset Management roles

  • Automatically analyze unaggregated data to identify patterns and trends that aren’t immediately obvious via decision intelligence

  • Effortlessly track and improve key performance indicators

  • View personalized insights for every client, every day

  • Receive daily automations that prioritize clients to engage with

  • Do your job faster and more effectively with streamlined workflows

  • Easily surface market data and contextual insights to share with clients

  • Get supercharged AI analysis for deeper and more accurate insightsMake more informed investment decisions based on more robust insights

  • Produce multiple models and scenarios on asset performance with combined market, environmental, enterprise, and client data 

  • Streamline market intelligence feedback from the field on what clients and their advisors are looking for in order to make product recommendations or adjust strategy

  • Coach teams based on relative performance

  • Drill down reporting across the field and by various categories

  • Dramatically increase speed to market

  • Decrease resources needed

  • Lower the overall cost of new analytics production

  • Increase efficient and impactful field conversations with clients

  • Easily compile insights from third parties with enterprise data

  • Simplify data location and certification