Put growth in the Forward­Lane.

The #1 data analytics platform made for financial professionals.

Turn down the noise. Turn up the revenue.

Today’s financial professionals spend 50% of their time gathering and analyzing data, leaving little time to engage with clients.

The result is a loss of client satisfaction, loyalty, opportunity, and growth. Using award-winning analytics and AI-driven insights, the ForwardLane platform delivers the customized data you need to prioritize clients, enrich relationships, and drive Next Best Actions.

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data-driven revenue growth
expanded sales
improvement in sales productivity
faster time
to insight

Uniquely you, but a smarter, more efficient you.

ForwardLane is the only purpose-built data analytics platform designed specifically for wealth and asset managers. See how our platform can benefit your industry and role.

Asset Management

Improve decision-making, increase client engagement, boost revenue, and drive retention.

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Wealth Management

Prioritize and customize client interactions by life stage, available funds, market trends, and more.

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Personalize your approach, streamline risk assessment, and improve the underwriting process.

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What sets us apart will set you apart.

ForwardLane combines external and client data to deliver one-to-one client insights, prioritization and Next Best Actions at scale.

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AI-driven. Industry proven.

In the News

"ForwardLane details how such technologies help to supercharge advisor productivity by leveraging existing data more effectively to create customized reports and insights for each client”

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FLX – the innovative network revolutionizing the engagement experience among asset and wealth managers – today announced a strategic alliance with ForwardLane.com, an AI, data, and analytics platform that personalizes the digital client experience, provides revenue and growth insights, and next best action workflows.

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Advisors can harness ForwardLane's AI technology to deliver hyper-personalized service to clients and drive up to 50% more growth in AUM.

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FinTech Sandbox recognizes ForwardLane as an online cognitive computing platform for wealth management.

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ForwardLane CEO Nathan Stevenson sits down with Darren Duffy of Thompson Reuters to discuss AI and cognitive computing.

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ForwardLane CEO Nathan Stevenson discusses how AI will affect jobs.

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