April 14, 2023

The top 4 benefits of ForwardLane’s platform

The top 4 benefits of ForwardLane’s platform

ForwardLane is the leading artificial intelligence insights platform built for the financial services industry that identifies growth and retention signals, increases productivity by automating analysis, and provides personalized insights and content for every client at scale. By aggregating enterprise data, information and communication strategies, advisors, wealth managers and financial professionals of all sizes can focus on high-touch, personalized client engagement and conversations. The end result: advisors save time, generate more client activity and identify growth opportunities in their book of business. ForwardLane provides advisors with the tools and resources to build their businesses organically.

The platform offers a variety of features and benefits, including:

Increased growth: Akin to a virtual analyst that works 24/7, ForwardLane surfaces new growth opportunities and prompts advisors to engage with clients and prospects proactively.

Client retention: The AI platform scans for and alerts advisors to clients that may require attention and identifies unseen but important data and negative signals and sentiment that may cause a client to leave.

Productivity and efficiency boosters: By automating 80 percent of daily analysis across CRM, portfolio and goal-based systems, ForwardLane saves advisors a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent researching and preparing for client meetings and conversations.

High-touch personalization: The platform provides advisors with tailored insights that drive meaningful client engagement with very minimal effort from the advisor.

Interested advisors are invited to test out the technology for 14 days for free. The free trial includes a 45- to 60-minute onboarding and training session from the ForwardLane team, as well as seamless data syncs so you can have a singular, secure system of record for client-level information.

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Features & Functionality
Insights & Data Feeds
Multi-custodial data
CRM Data
Financial planning data
Market news & data
Rapid addition of new data feeds
Robust signal library
Multi-source signals based on Boolean logic
Multi-source signals based on NLP
Multi-source signals based on machine learning
No code creation of new signals
Next Best Action recs and workflows
Native Salesforce Flows
Content personalization
Client and prospect personalization
Integrations / Interface
Salesforce API
Salesforce Embedded Experience
Data packs
Market & News Data
Up to 650% faster time to insight
85% less time preparing for client interactions
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Up to 650% faster time to insight
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
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