Wealth Management
June 15, 2023

TIFIN vs. ForwardLane: Battle in FinTech

When assessing which data analytics solution is right on the money, wealth and financial advisors compare the cream of the fintech crop. Top contenders: FowardLane and TIFIN. But how do these AI-powered powerhouses really stack up? Read on, then level up.

TIFIN vs. ForwardLane: Battle in FinTech

A product primer.

ForwardLane are both fintech companies offering digital solutions for financial professionals. However, the products’ key differences really add up.  

TIFIN uses algorithm-based investment strategies and portfolio management to deliver portfolios tailored to specific risk profiles and investment goals. ForwardLane, on the other hand, uses patent-pending technology to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to bridge the gap between data and decisions.

Translation: While TIFIN focuses on business intelligence, ForwardLane uses that intelligence to help wealth and asset managers work smarter not harder, transforming internal and external data into actionable insights and next-best actions.

Digging for goals.

In data analytics, data is only one nugget of information. In order to strike goal-achieving gold, advisors need a tool that enables them to do less mining for more findings.

ForwardLane is the only purpose-built data analytics platform made specifically for financial professionals. It also offers the industry’s only custom signals based factors such as available investible funds, money movement trends, and market trends–all with no coding and no compromises.

ForwardLane capabilities.

ForwardLane’s award-winning insight orchestration uncovers events and data with unmatched efficiency and precision to create personalized content and recommendations that strengthen relationships, build loyalty, and increase sales.

Daily insights: AI-driven analysis of market, environmental, enterprise and client data

Client prioritization: Identifies which clients need attention first via the industry’s only custom signals based factors such available investible funds, money movement trends, market trends, and more

Automated outreach: Seamless CRM integration for automated—and optimized--client communications

Next-best-actions: Right client, right time, right message


Go further with ForwardLane.

ForwardLane doesn’t just offer a host of differences from the competition, including TIFIN. We also deliver 150% data-driven revenue growth, 650% faster time to insights, reduced risk with better compliance, greater consistency across advisors, and stronger client engagement and loyalty.

Stop going in circles with information that only gets you half there. Take the ForwardLane to growth. Schedule a demo.

Wealth Management
Features & Functionality
Insights & Data Feeds
Multi-custodial data
CRM Data
Financial planning data
Market news & data
Rapid addition of new data feeds
Robust signal library
Multi-source signals based on Boolean logic
Multi-source signals based on NLP
Multi-source signals based on machine learning
No code creation of new signals
Next Best Action recs and workflows
Native Salesforce Flows
Content personalization
Client and prospect personalization
Integrations / Interface
Salesforce API
Salesforce Embedded Experience
Data packs
Market & News Data
Up to 650% faster time to insight
85% less time preparing for client interactions
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Up to 650% faster time to insight
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Check out the new ForwardLane website for yourself at ForwardLane.com.