August 7, 2023

TIFIN AMP vs. ForwardLane:  What’s right for your firm?

The world of AI-driven finance is changing at breakneck speeds. With new products and services coming on the market, it can be difficult to separate the sizzle from the steak. 

Case in point: TIFIN’s AMP offering.

TIFIN AMP vs. ForwardLane:  What’s right for your firm?

Two products. One goal.

Both TIFIN AMP and ForwardLane serve asset management professionals via a platform that leverages client insights to personalize communications, prioritize opportunities, and drive engagement. 

Yet the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, in the product.

ForwardLane: Leading the way.

ForwardLane is known for its ability to provide tailored investment insights through data intelligence. The company custom connects to all types of data sources for you, including your data pack subscriptions, your internal data, industry data, etc. Then, by using advanced natural language and artificial intelligence, ForwardLane’s platform is capable of aggregating and analyzing both structured and unstructured data, including news events and identifying market opportunities, in order to reveal insights, identify and prioritize client signals, create personalized content, and offer Next Best Action recommendations.  

In contrast, TIFIN AMP’s algorithms can parse through some structured data, yet doesn’t have the capacity to associate and analyze the wealth of unstructured data that is also available for insight creation. TIFIN produces AMP scores to prioritize client prospecting based  on its own curation of certain datapack data and industry data.

ForwardLane: Empowering teams with customization.

TIFIN’s AMP scores are essentially black box, turnkey solutions. While convenient, the scores generated cannot be customized or adjusted. With TIFIN, companies are essentially outsourcing client insight creation to simply receive signals that TIFIN determines are the most valuable ones for all firms to use. 

In addition to being completely transparent, ForwardLane’s signals can be easily customized to each firm. Instead of relying on an outside source to determine and weight signals, ForwardLane offers the ability to add or remove signals and adjust prioritization scoring as clients see fit, without any coding necessary. This means that the signals created with ForwardLane are proprietary and unique to each company. In addition to the out of the box signals, additional sights are easy to create and deploy.

AI-driven. Industry proven.

ForwardLane has been recognized as an industry leader. We’re proud to have garnered a host of awards, such as Wealth100 and AIFinTech100, partner with some of the world’s most respected organizations, including Microsoft and OpenAI, and serve renowned clients such as Invesco, SEI, and Pershing.


data-driven revenue growth


faster time to insight

If you’re ready to see how ForwardLane powers 150% data-driven revenue growth 
and enables 650% faster time to insights, reach out to learn more.

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Features & Functionality
Insights & Data Feeds
Multi-custodial data
CRM Data
Financial planning data
Market news & data
Rapid addition of new data feeds
Robust signal library
Multi-source signals based on Boolean logic
Multi-source signals based on NLP
Multi-source signals based on machine learning
No code creation of new signals
Next Best Action recs and workflows
Native Salesforce Flows
Content personalization
Client and prospect personalization
Integrations / Interface
Salesforce API
Salesforce Embedded Experience
Data packs
Market & News Data
Up to 650% faster time to insight
85% less time preparing for client interactions
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Up to 650% faster time to insight
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
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