April 12, 2023

The ROI of AI: The evolution of sales tools for wealth & asset managers.

Artificial intelligence is top-of-mind–and top of the newsfeed–for good reason. This advanced technology has created unmatched opportunity to automate and streamline processes in the financial services industry. So what’s the ROI on AI for wealth and asset managers? Healthier, more lucrative client relationships, significant time savings, and more growth.

Read on for a history of financial sales tools–and how they’re changing the wealth and asset management landscape forever.

The ROI of AI: The evolution of sales tools for wealth & asset managers.

A brief history of sales tools and how they've changed the industry.

Historically, financial services professionals were armed with industry knowledge, close client contact, and a keen intuition. But as the world changed, so did the industry. The advent of computers created a proliferation of data, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which allowed for better organization and tracking of leads and deals.

Good, right?

Turns out it was too much of a good thing.

The influx of data made it too difficult for asset managers, wealth managers, and RIAs to uncover the insights clients not only desire but demand.

In fact, global consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that 71% of consumers expect personalization, and 76% said that personalization not only constitutes a key factor in consideration but also frustration when it’s absent.

Delivering broad campaign messaging in today’s overstimulated environment risks clients tuning out, disengaging, or even leaving because they feel like a target as opposed to a human being. In order to be successful, financial services professionals must customize interactions in order to win and maintain client relationships.

Enter AI-driven wealth management.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have changed the game in industries of all kinds. Automation and analytics enable professionals to predict customer needs with heightened precision and accuracy, while streamlining their workflows.

In wealth and asset management, artificial intelligence can save valuable time by automating the mining of client data. It also provides valuable insights into client signals, enabling professionals to tailor communications, personalize product offerings, strengthen relationships, and grow revenue.

Plays nice with others

Seamless integration with Salesforce, ChatGPT, CRMs, and more.

The future is here.

ForwardLane’s patent-pending AI automation and analysis platform is the first of its kind to automatically interpret transactions, website visits, data packs, product information, CRM notes, and more to deliver 1:1 client insights at scale.

With the ability to create next-best-action plans, prioritize client interactions, and alert advisors of at-risk behavior such as cash withdrawals or large movements in portfolio holdings, ForwardLane delivers significant ROI:


Other strategies for staying ahead of the competition with updated sales tools

In the fast-paced world of wealth and asset management, it's essential to stay ahead of the competition by keeping your toolbox updated with the latest and greatest sales tools. In addition to ForwardLane’s industry transforming AI-driven platform, there are countless ways to enhance your sales strategy and streamline your approach.

Keep an eye on emerging marketing trends, such as AI-powered chatbots for conversations that truly resonate with your customers, providing instant assistance or addressing queries right when they are needed, boosting engagement and increasing buyer satisfaction. Use generative content creation tools to quickly assist with the creation of marketing communications. Connect with your target audience on social media, for additional insights into their needs and preferences. Use social listening tools to keep tabs on your brand's online reputation and swiftly address customer concerns. Employ tools that enhance sales calls and fine-tune messaging based on call transcripts.

Join the evolution revolution.

If you’re ready to move forward with technology designed to increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue, pick ForwardLane.

Financial Industry
Features & Functionality
Insights & Data Feeds
Multi-custodial data
CRM Data
Financial planning data
Market news & data
Rapid addition of new data feeds
Robust signal library
Multi-source signals based on Boolean logic
Multi-source signals based on NLP
Multi-source signals based on machine learning
No code creation of new signals
Next Best Action recs and workflows
Native Salesforce Flows
Content personalization
Client and prospect personalization
Integrations / Interface
Salesforce API
Salesforce Embedded Experience
Data packs
Market & News Data
Up to 650% faster time to insight
85% less time preparing for client interactions
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Up to 650% faster time to insight
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
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