May 24, 2023

Honored to be named a 2023 Banking Tech Awards Finalist

Honored to be named a 2023 Banking Tech Awards Finalist

ForwardLane has always been on the leading edge of fintech. Now it’s official. ForwardLane has just been named a finalist in the FinTech of the Future category of the 2023 Banking Tech Awards.

Created to celebrate the nation’s top innovators in financial services technology, the Banking Tech Awards draw from companies around the world doing business in the United States. Competition is fierce among the wide pool of entrants, which include both nationally known and startup banks, financial institutions, software providers, teams and more. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in New York City’s Park Avenue district. This exciting event will take place at a landmark location designed by renowned architectural firm Delano and Aldrich.

ForwardLane is honored to be recognized as a FinTech of the Future finalist in Data & Insights alongside other pioneers in the fintech space. ForwardLane has achieved other startup awards, including such startup lists as WealthTech100, which showcases the world’s most innovative WealthTech companies for wealth and asset management.

We’re gratified to be recognized for our commitment to helping our clients’ business grow through patent-pending AI-powered technology.

We leverage AI and machine learning to help wealth and asset managers eliminate busy work and deliver one-to-one client insights and next-best-actions at scale.

Our award-winning platform offers turnkey and custom signals that are prioritized by client need or risk factor, automated personalized client content, and recommended actions. All with no coding–and no compromises–to help companies experience 150% data-driven revenue growth, 35% expanded sales, and 10x improvement in sales productivity.

See how our award-winning firm can deliver big rewards for you and your clients.

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Features & Functionality
Insights & Data Feeds
Multi-custodial data
CRM Data
Financial planning data
Market news & data
Rapid addition of new data feeds
Robust signal library
Multi-source signals based on Boolean logic
Multi-source signals based on NLP
Multi-source signals based on machine learning
No code creation of new signals
Next Best Action recs and workflows
Native Salesforce Flows
Content personalization
Client and prospect personalization
Integrations / Interface
Salesforce API
Salesforce Embedded Experience
Data packs
Market & News Data
Up to 650% faster time to insight
85% less time preparing for client interactions
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
Up to 650% faster time to insight
Up to 35% expanded sales
Up to 15% more sales capacity
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