September 7, 2023

Can a robot predict the future?

AKA: How AI can help wealth and asset managers ease Q4 jitters.

Got the 4th Quarter Scaries yet? Chances are, your clients do. 

It’s the eve of Spooky Season, and we’re barreling into the last quarter of a Less-Than-Wonderful 2023, causing clients to ponder whether they should pull back, get out, or weather the latest financial squall. 

So how can wealth and asset managers support clients who fear the economic unknown? 

By turning to that great and powerful medium, Artificial Intelligence.

Can a robot predict the future?

AI: The next best thing to a crystal ball.

Fact: The world is battling what some consider the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Fact: People are wondering if the end is in sight–or if we’re in for more of the same. 

As investors grapple with how to predict market direction and response, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer a welcome balm, enabling financial professionals to analyze vast amounts of data to not only gain insight into economic trends, but also manage client relationships.

How AI predicts economic forecasts for the 4th quarter.

Economic forecasting has been considered by some to be as accurate as weather forecasting. 

Translation: Not great.

However, that has changed tremendously over the past year.  

While you can’t take AI forecasting to the bank, artificial intelligence shows great promise in predictive ability. AI-powered tools analyze a wealth of data sources, such as consumer sentiments, public opinions, financial market information, global economic indicators, and other relevant sources. These signals are fed into machine learning algorithms, which can develop unique insights into complex economic trends, helping investors make more informed decisions about predicting future economic trends. 

These insights are also crucial for helping asset and wealth managers get a sense for what’s to come and–with ForwardLane–identifying at-risk clients, gaining client trust, and communicating Next Best Actions.

Nailing confidence-boosters for nail-biters.

Economic downturns can turn up worry for clients. With the right AI-powered tech, wealth and asset managers can ease fears by providing informed, honest, and empathetic advice about what’s happening now–and what the future might hold. 

ForwardLane uses the widest array of data signals, including news sources, environmental data, market indicators, and custodial information, to extract real-time insights. With industry-specific natural language processing (NLP) and user-reinforcement learning, this AI analysis enables the production of multiple models and scenarios on asset performance, streamlines market intelligence feedback from the field, powers robust reporting across various categories, and leads to more informed decisions–all according to a firm’s or advisor’s specific signals and needs. 

An asset or wealth manager can instill confidence by providing a detailed investment portfolio, including diversification set against the current economic backdrop. Additionally, reviewing clients' portfolios regularly helps to reduce the chances of panicked short-term decision-making based on minimal information.

Getting personal.

Since investing is a people business as much as–if not more than– a numbers game, ForwardLane’s multi-channel data signals also unearth insights from client data packs to reveal how clients might be feeling based on their activity, research, and life stage. 

This empowers financial professionals to prioritize client interactions and personalize communications at scale. The result: personalized communications, advice, and Next Best Action plans. This trifecta not only leads to smarter investing, but also a reputation that is reliable, informed, and trustworthy, support for frazzled nerves, and ongoing opportunities to build trust, loyalty, and sales.

The 4th Quarter score.

The year’s weak economy has strengthened financial worries, cutting a wide swath across almost every customer demographic. Clients are eager to know what’s next–and what to do now to prepare for it. 

Only ForwardLane has the industry expertise, customized, flexible AI-powered tools, and dedicated, white glove service to help financial professionals address concerns, customize communications, and develop personal action plans at scale. 

Discover how ForwardLane is leading the way to 4th Quarter, 2024, and beyond.

Learn about revolutionary technology that’s ahead of its time–and that will put you ahead of the competition. 
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Up to 650% faster time to insight
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