Driving Your RIA Firm's Growth

ForwardLane's RIA offering is not a CRM, but a powerful AI-based cloud technology for financial advisors. Empowering you to deliver exceptional client service with personalized insights and next best actions to grow your business.
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AI based algorithms will ensure you reach the right clients at the right time. Don't miss opportunities to grow your clients' wealth, build your asset under management and find new sources of revenue.


Automatic consolidation of client data helps you operate more efficiently and spend 85% less time preparing for client interactions. Focus this new time on innovation, onboarding new clients, and building your practice.

Personalize at Scale

1:1 content recommendations, next best actions, and personalized insights, for each and every client, will create deeper relationships that last generations.

Built to save time.

Through CRM integration you can maximize efficiency, spot growth opportunities and deliver a better service with a comprehensive view of all your clients' data and activity, in one place.

Allow yourself to focus more time on onboarding new clients and growing your business.

Know which clients to call and what to say.

Smart signals will prioritize your client list daily, making sure you engage with the right client, at the right time, with the right information.

Be proactive. Make every client interaction meaningful, and show your worth.

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Personalize content for each individual client.

Deliver high-touch service to clients with 1:1 personalization of content based on CRM data, signals and recent activities.

Deepen relationships by showing your clients you understand their specific needs and interests.

Next best action makes your analytics actionable.

Act on client signals, insights and data with highly personalized recommendations. Make the right decisions for clients every time, in real-time.

Deliver a superior client experience - the real differentiator between your firm and its competition.

Seamless Onboarding

Our team of experts will understand your needs and craft a solution to get you up and running.

Data Protection

We utilize best practice safeguards to ensure your data is always protected and encrypted.


Our product helps your team create stronger community among your clients.

What RIAs have to say:


wealth management consultant

“Ranking one client against the other helps you get your priorities straight early in the day. I like how you can give feedback and the AI will keep improving over time. The way each client’s priority score keeps changing is very interesting. It's what i’m currently doing but automated.”


Senior Financial Advisor

“I'm sure I've missed plenty of opportunities to appear proactive...that's very important for any financial advisor. Having this come up as a quantitative score board of who to reach out to is very helpful. The ability to turn these client touch points into an email with five clicks instead of 10 minutes of typing is great.”

Aaron Harkavy

Lincoln Financial Advisors

“I have a list of things I write down at the start of the day. I keep adding/ moving things. At the end of the day I have to create a brand new list while leaving work. I know I am wasting a lot of time, it's not efficient. Having something like ForwardLane is a lot more robust and saves a lot of time.”

Customized solutions for your business needs.

  • Dynamic client prioritization
  • Growth Signals collection
  • Retention Signals collection
  • Industry-leading financial NLP
  • Goal Miner: Financial goal mining from CRM data
  • Auto-Tuner: Self-learning system that optimizes based on feedback
  • Industry-leading personalized content with reasons for each client
  • Everything in Premium plus...
  • Automated client porftolio analysis and insights
  • Automated processing of custodial data including portfolios and cashflows
  • User dashboards
  • Campaigns
  • Role permissions
  • Coverage models
  • Everything in Professional plus...
  • Custom management insights dashboards
  • Next Best Action: Aggregated peer-approved actions
  • Custom signals and collections
  • SSO
  • API Access

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