Your Next GenerationFintech Insights Engine.

Activate your Data.

You are fast-growing fintech platform and have a ton of useful data, analytics and insights. But how do you make sense of it?

How do you activate your data, sift through it and deliver it in an intelligent, insightful way for your clients?

We have the answer.

Supercharged Insights.
Modular Configurable Components

Making your data work for your products and services is time-consuming and expensive. We've done the heavy-lifting for you with modular AI-powered components which give you flexibility to synthesize your data, easily deliver insights with a no-code interface, and surface this in your React front-end or directly through our reusable, configurable Salesforce and Microsoft AppExchange components.

Process Structured and Unstructured data with our Atlas AI Engine

The ForwardLane Atlas AI Insights Engine has a built in NLP pipeline optimized for financial services, that can detect financial entities in conversations, emails, notes and more and resolve this against financial instruments and structured data.

Next-Gen Digital Asset Ready

We believe Next Gen means integrating Digital Assets, Crypto-Pricing, Crypto-News right alongside your traditional financial data, in an easy to implement package. Leverage the Insights Engine and recommender to expose crypto-prices, open an institutional crypto account, direct index portfolios, or even personalize DeFi product and service offerings for your Digital Asset Marketplace or Exchange.

Data-Driven Results

"Why hire an expensive data science team, or invest countless hours into building out AI-capabilities when you can simply upload / connect your data, orchestrate it in the no-code signal library, and deliver it right into yoru frontend at 1/10th of the time and effort cost."

Automatically process thousands of content pieces everyday


Easily process huge orchestrate insights from vast amounts of data

20 TB

Create AI-powered Next Best Recommendations FAST


Use Cases

Automated Prioritization

Make sense of data with automated Priority Scores, which you can plug into your platform, configure with your data, analytics and signals and turn around to your clients with a whole new smart-offering that learns from their usage.

Smart Signals

Easily create Signals that combine data models, analytics and much more to enable card-based actionable insights for your clients.

Flexible, Configurable, No-Code and Low Code

We built the Atlas Insights Engine to be highly flexible, configurable and give you the power of No-Code, and Python /Django based Low-Code if you want to get your hands directly in the code.
Think of this as the last mile delivery of your insights.

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